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All chauffeurs are hired under the corporation name Entourage Livery, Inc

If you are interested in a CHAUFFEUR position, you must request an interview for a CDL Position or if you DO NOT HAVE A CDL, then request an interview for a Non-CDL Position. Here at Entourage Livery, we take chauffeuring very serious. All applicants that are hired must meet our company standards and must meet all driver qualifications in accordance to the FMCSA and the USDOT.

To request an Interview, click one of the links below:

CDL Positon

Non-CDL Positon


On Interview I, we will sit down with you and explain to you who we are, what the position we are looking for is, the responsibilities of it, the qualifications, disqualifications and the pay structure. We will also talk about your driving record, years of experience, employment history and any other safety skills you have aquired over the years.

If you meet the safety standards of Entourage Livery and are qualified to drive a commmercial vehicle according to the FMCSA, you will be given the chance to come back for Interview II. If a position is available for you, during your second Interview we will need to build you a Driver Qualification File. In this file we will need all the necessary permits, licensing and necessary documentation to start your training and hire you. All new applicants are hired as employees. We do not hire Independant Contractors.

If you pass both your Interviews and your Safety Performance History Background Checks come back clean, you will be given a 30 day evaluation period. During your 30 day evaluation, your knowledge of our Chauffeur Training will be tested. You will also have to pass a Pre-Hire Drug Test and will also be subject to random drug and alcohol testing throughout your employment. Entourage Livery will only employ chauffeurs that are consistent in maintaing our high standards of customer service.

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